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We build quality Fiberglass sailboxes & hull cradles for cat traks and trailers​​

Universal Hull Cradles

These Basic Universal Beach Cat Hull Cradles for designed for the Hobie Tiger, Nacra 5.8, Nacra F17, Hobie 20, Prindle 19, Tornado, Narca 6.0 and similar hulls.
Our cradles are quality built from hand-laid fiberglass. These custom carpeted fiberglass cradles "hug your hull" and provide better protection than hard rollers. 

​Why use a hull cradle? Using hull cradles not only protects your catamaran but makes trailering much easier. When your catamaran sits on rollers it is hard to keep if from shifting right and left, requiring extra pressure or additional straps. Your boat sits firmly on its trailer with cradles.

"Boy o' boy, do they work well. Such a drastic improvement over the cheap rollers that came with the trailer. These things are awesome." - Karl Kiss

Purchase Universal Hull Cradles
(2) Cradles $216.40 USD
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Saddle style for 2"



Sit on top style