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"After loosing the end cap of a plastic sailbox, it was time to upgrade for Kenny's brand new designed coffin style cat box.  The fit and finish of the new state of the art standard style sailbox is a masterpiece!  The sailbox holds all my H-16 sails, boom, rudders, tillers, and miscellaneous gear to regattas securely and safely.  Kenny was able to design and install padding for the bottom of box; so all the items would not shift around while trailering.  He also installed a beautiful locking mechanism which secures all the sailing gear. Thanks Kenny for building a beautifully constructed sailbox in the USA with outstanding customer service." --- Marc Bachman Hobie 16

"Got my H16 cradles from Kenny and they are much better than any of the other cradles I have seen on boat trailers. They fit the hull shape of the H16 perfectly. They feel very solid on the trailer and they keep the boat centered on the trailer very well. Ordering the cradles was very easy with just a phone call or an email. The cradles look great and should keep my new boat well secured on the trailer. On top of the great product, it is also nice to see Kenny at the races and be able to ask about his products or how to best mount the cradles or boxes."  --- Connor Gaston

"I sure do dig my new Sail Boat Box from Kenny and it only cost a little more than what a carpenter friend was going to charge me. I wanted a big box for sailing in the Atlantic off Sea Isle City New Jersey. I have chairs, umbrellas, beach toys and life vest and all my sails all tucked away, so all I need to bring down to the shore is a small ice chest. I also have my Blo-kart sails for off season blo-kart cruising stored in my sailbox. As a former Biloxi Beach Hobie cruiser it was nice to see a Gulf Coast native working the trade. Pretty Work." --- James Day --- Sea Isle City, NJ

I have the HP cradles with the 2" groove on the front of my trailer not bolted down, and I have the HP swivel on the back.  I also intend on using the front ones for my cat trak beach wheels.  Thanks for the installation tip and the great fastener (Albany County Fasteners) website for the low profile stainless steel nylon lock nuts.  I was planning on doing it a more complicated way, so I’m glad I asked.  I’ve been very happy with my cradles they are great, and also with your support.  After I get done fixing up the rest of my Inter 18 maybe I’ll go for one of your nice fiberglass  sailboxes. --- Cheers, Brett

"It was a pleasure working with Kenny Boudreaux, from my initial contact through construction and ultimate delivery of the product. Upon arrival in Long Beach, California, I found that his sailbox is indeed very well constructed." --- Kent Blasie
Long Beach, CA

"No more dings on the boat from the trailer, just from sailing :) The cradles fit perfect for my Hobie 16 and will grant me less time doing hell coats and more time flying hulls. I would recommend Kenny for any aspect of your cat needs." --- Ed Lavin

"Having received the H16 cradles from Kenny, I was immediately impressed with the quality. While I had previously downloaded the installation procedures, it was time to get the required hardware. These are not ready to slide right on, but they are worth a bit of effort. I almost hated to have to put a drill to Kenny’s handiwork but it is part of the process and I was extremely pleased with the final solution. Our son is currently on a second military deployment in the Arabian Gulf for a year. The trailer for his Hobie 16 started to fall apart as he crossed the country to leave the boat and pickup with me for the year. So I set out to effectively build him a new one as a homecoming gift... one that will show him how proud we are of him. The cradles themselves will demonstrate that pride AND give the H16 a safe and comfy ride to his next duty station and beyond. PLUS the money for the cradles goes for a quality American made product." --- Karl Niedermeyer

"I installed some Hobie 16 hull cradles on the trailer today. It took about 3 hours, but boy o' boy, do they work well.Such a drastic improvement over the cheap rollers that came with the trailer. These things are awesome." --- Karl Kiss

"When I saw that Kenny was going to start making Cradles for H-16s I was excited and placed my order right away. I have an older trailer, and although my boat is relatively light, I am usually alone when I sail it. Getting it on and off the trailer has produced more than one battle scar on the bows of my baby. Since installing Kenny’s H-16 cradles, trailering my boat has been a piece of cake, and “No More Dings”. Fit and Finish are top quality! I’d recommend these cradles to anyone who trailers their boat, old or new…They’ll save you in the long run." --- Great Job Kenny, Darrell

"When I ordered my Cat Trax Beach wheels from Murray's last year they actually told me "the cradles I would be getting were not really going to be up to par, that the manufacturer needed to create some new molds because the cradles they were getting were pretty rough". Sure enough when I got them I could see they were right. They also began to crack after only a few uses. The finish on Kenny's cradles is as smooth as glass, and they are much sturdier then the ones that came with my Cat Trax Wheels. I highly recommend them!" --- Sincerely, Michael Aregood

"Kenny and I met at a race around Cat Island last year. I had recently purchased a new NACRA and the sails were hanging over my truck’s tailgate. A sailing friend told me, “Kenny builds the best sail boxes available”. Needless to say, Kenny and I were glad to meet each other. Kenny recommended a sail box with a spin pole accessory option and a ½” thick perforated mat in the bottom to keep the sails out of what little moisture enters the box. He called shortly after I placed the order to ask if I wanted the box installed on the trailer in Ocean Springs. He mounted the box on the trailer so that the cat tracks could easily ride beside it. The quality of the sail box is excellent, the workmanship and the fit and finish is even better than I expected, and Kenny’s concern to make sure I was satisfied with the product and how it was installed was refreshing. I also have a pair of hull cradles Kenny built on the same trailer. If you need a great looking sail box or hull cradles, and expect a pleasant business transaction, call Kenny Boudreaux." --- Phillip Perkins

"Kenny builds a great box! I was very satisfied with both his product and the way he conducts business. No surprises from start to finish, he delivered a well built box in a timely manner and kept me informed along the way. I definitely recommend his cat boxes and would not hesitate to again do business with him in the future." --- Nathan Anderson 

I got the cradles and they look awesome. Definitely first class workmanship...Collin Casey

"There is No Substitute" Just purchased Kenny's specially designed state of the art Hobie 16 hull cradles.  They are built to perfection in the USA by Kenny.  The front cradles secure the boat perfectly from moving around on the trailer.  I am so amazed on how well the cradles protect the H-16 hulls while trailering.  Thanks again for designing and building the best cradles in the world,
​--- Marc Bachman

Awesome product Kenny, just a follow up here. Thank you for the fantastic quality sail box. I have to say it's a bit more sturdy than my old one from Perfom@nc&. I love it. The cradles are in a class by themselves. They work fantastic with the new Carbon 20. It's a tilt trailer and there is ZERO flexing of the cradles when tilted. Thanks buddy...Lee Wicklund

Thanks for the great sail box. Kenny worked with me on letting me pickup the box on my schedule. The box is great and well thought out. Simple and sound. Thanks...Ted Preston 

​To Prospective Buyers at SailBoxes.com,
Love our Sail box and it makes trailer sailing our Hobie Getaway so much easier! We spent a few months looking at all the options on the market (and homemade).  I didn’t want to construct another box as I’d done for my last Hobie and wanted a quality looking (and working) box on our trailer.

It was great dealing with Kenny, he provided all the information we needed to be comfortable with our purchase and delivered a very high-quality product as promised and when promised. When we had an unexpected issue with the shipper (partially my inexperience with a shipper) Kenny agreed to step in and help us to get a resolution to our problem.  And while the mistakes of the shipper were not his to solve – we greatly appreciated the help. My recommendation is that shippers seem to be careless so get additional wrapping of the box and make sure that you inspect every inch of the box before accepting it from the shipper. We highly recommend SailBoxes.com and Kenny!
---Eric G...Chicago Area

Kenny Boudreaux has provided me three products for me...H-16 hull cradles, H-16 cat trak cradles, and a standard sailbox. All products were professionally done with the highest level of craftmanship and quality. Kenny was highly consultative during the entire process, including communications and delivery. I highly recommend Kenny and all his products. He is nationally recognized treasure, and a pleasure to do buisness with.
---Brad Currie...PA Area

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