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We build quality fiberglass
sailboxes and beach cat hull cradles
for cat traxs and trailers​​.

​​     Hull Cradles

Save your hulls with our custom fiberglass Hull Cradles instead of hard rubber rollers. Our cradles are quality built of hand-laid fiberglass. These cradles are designed for most beach cat models.

​​​     All Products

Here is a complete listing of all our products. Click on the titles to go individual pages 

Coming soon...Fiberglass rear stern chocks for cats that moor their boats on the beach 

​Deluxe Sailboxes

Will fit on your trailer to carry all your sports equipment. Built with layers of fiberglass by hand in open molds. Finish is white gelcoat. They are built to last and will not disfigure or deform over time as opposed to some cheaper plastic alternatives.

Finally, a replacement rear cover for the Hobie Toy Box and Aquaterra Box. First one is made...see pic. Let me know if you're interested. They will be made of hand layed fiberglass with a white gelcoat finish. Latching hardware not included.

NEW PRODUCT... It's an old school coffin style box with a one piece lid. This new style box will better fit Hobie 16's and boats without dagger boards and spin pole.​​