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We build quality Fiberglass sailboxes & hull cradles for cat traks and trailers​​


​​​​​Protect your investment in your sails, spars and equipment, with high quality fiberglass sailboxes and beach cat hull cradles. These sailboxes are built as catamaran sailboxes, but would work anywhere you need an excellent trailer storage box. All beach cat hull cradles and sailboxes are layed up by hand in open molds, and each beach cat hull cradle is lined with high grade marine carpet to keep your hull protected. We believe our hull cradles are built so strong, that we offer a one year warranty against breakage. Simply return the cradle and we'll replace it for free.

We build all our products with fiberglass and the finish coat is a high gloss gelcoat to withstand the elements and prevent water absorption. Our fiber glass sailboxes and hull cradles will not disfigure or deform over time compared to cheaper plastic alternatives. They are built to last and look great on your trailer!

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About Sailboxes.com:
Our company is run by Kenny Boudreaux, an avid sailor, to create quality products for fellow sailors.
Sailboxes.com was founded by Kenny Boudreaux, an avid catamaran sailor, because he could not find quality fiberglass sailboxes and beach cat hull cradles. Kenny personally designs the molds for our products to meet the needs of his fellow sailors. We also do fiberglass repairs on boats, spars, rudders, and daggerboards. 

Kenny has a unique background; his first job was working at a fiberglass boat shop where he learned how to make molds from wooden boats and became the lead guy for spraying gel coat. Kenny moved on to the repair shop and learned how to patch, repair, and paint boats. Kenny later joined Dow Chemical and had a 30+ year career in the chemical industry.  After retiring from the chemical industry, Kenny decided out of necessity for the need of good quality sailing products and decided to get into designing and fabricating molds to produce sailboxes, hull cradles and any other items that will help fellow sailors. Contact him if you have anything special in mind.

"I grew up in Louisiana and started sailing in 1978. Before that, I had been surfing and windsurfing since 1970. My first boat was a 15’ Venture Cat, but I only sailed it for a few months before buying my first H-16 and began racing. After that I bought another H-16, then a H-18 and sailed/raced it until 1985. My wife grew tired of racing and our children were getting a bit older and wanted to sail with me, so we bought a 1983 Special Edition Stiletto 27’ and began racing, cruising and camping at the barrier islands off the coast of Louisiana and Mississippi. We sailed this boat until our children started doing other things, so we sold it and I bought another H-18 and started racing again. Sailed the H-18 for a year, then bought a F18 Hobie Tiger, then a C2. I currently sail a Hobie Miracle 20 and a Hobie Wave.

 Kenny is an active member of the Ocean Springs Yacht Club and sails/races a Hobie Miracle 20 . The Ocean Springs Yacht Club is located directly on the Mississippi Sound, at the foot of the Ocean Springs-Biloxi Bridge. 

Are you looking for something specific? Give Kenny a call at (504) 289 5645, or email kenny@sailboxes.com.

Make checks payable to:

Kenneth Boudreaux
6312 Point Porteaux Road
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