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​​​​​​​Hobie 16 Hull Cradle

These carpeted Hull Cradles/Beach Cat Hull Cradles will protect your Hobie 16 from dings when you are trailering your boat.

We have created a perfect mold for the hull profile of the Hobie 16. Our Hobie hull cradles is guaranteed to fit the contour of your Hobie with a fully carpeted contact surface. You will not find this mold for a Hobie 16 anywhere else.

Hull cradles keep your boat centered on your trailer with minimal effort, and make trailering much easier and safer.

"Got my H16 cradles from Kenny and they are much better than any of the other cradles I have seen on boat trailers. They fit the hull shape of the H16 perfectly. They feel very solid on the trailer and they keep the boat centered on the trailer very well." - Connor Gaston

"When I saw that Kenny was going to start making Cradles for H-16s I was excited and placed my order right away. I have an older trailer, and although my boat is relatively light, I am usually alone when I sail it. Getting it on and off the trailer has produced more than one battle scar on the bows of my baby. Since installing Kenny’s H-16 cradles, trailering my boat has been a piece of cake, and “No More Dings”. Fit and Finish are top quality! I’d recommend these cradles to anyone who trailers their boat, old or new…They’ll save you in the long run." --- Great Job Kenny, Darrell

We provide installation instructions and excellent service. Click here sailboxes-h16-cradle-install.pdf796.9 KB

"No more dings on the boat from the trailer, just from sailing :) The cradles fit perfect for my Hobie 16 and will grant me less time doing hell coats and more time flying hulls. I would recommend Kenny for any aspect of your cat needs." --- Ed Lavin

Thanks again for the H-16 cradles. They arrived today and they are exceptional pieces of equipment…I’m really impressed! It’s shocking how light and strong they are…Andy Hill

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(2) Cradles $229.20 USD

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Any questions? Give Kenny a call at (504) 289 5645, or email kenny@sailboxes.com