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​​​​​​​​HP Hull Chocks

These hull chocks are made from 3” thick EVA close cell foam sheets and protect the stern of your catamaran. Fits the hulls of F18 / F16 / HT Javelin / A Cats / Nacra 17 /Nacra 20 / H-16 / H-20 / H-18 and many more. Use these stern supports to secure your catamaran's hulls during beach storage to prevent moisture build up and grass stains from lying on the ground. The boat should be resting on cat traks at the front and the stern supports at the rear end. This will help your catamaran stay in great shape by keeping it off the sand and ground.

They come as a pair (2) and are attached to your catamaran's rear end via bungee cord and ball. Size is approximately 12” wide x 8” tall x 6” deep. I glue two 3” sheets together to make 6” on the bottom, so it provides stability on soft grounds, and also prevents from rocking backwards. 

​Pic shows H-16, but can cut to fit any hull shape.

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(2) Chocks $172.00 

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