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We build quality Fiberglass sailboxes & hull cradles for cat traks and trailers​​

About home made Sailboxes...
Why create a home made sail tube?

Sailors often create a sail tube from a length of PVC pipe. This is a cheap way to store the sails but it doesn't solve the problem of storage.

Why build a sailbox?

We can debate the benefits of a sailbox vs. storage tube but the fact is that when you need "stuff" when you are sailing, and especially when the family comes along.

For extra storage, you could build a large wooden catamaran sailbox but, again, it will require regular maintenance and eventually they rot.

Why buy a fiberglass sailbox?

A fiberglass sailbox from Sailboxes.com protects your investments in your sails,  your "stuff", and keeps everything ship shape for trailering. They will last as long as you keep your boat, and increases the resale value of your boat. 

Here's a testimonial from a satisfied customer...

"I sure do dig my new Sail Boat Box from Kenny and it only cost a little more than what a carpenter friend was going to charge me. I wanted a big box for sailing in the Atlantic off Sea Isle City New Jersey. I have chairs, umbrellas, beach toys and life vest and all my sails all tucked away, so all I need to bring down to the shore is a small ice chest. I also have my Blo-kart sails for off season blo-kart cruising stored in my sailbox."--- James Day, Sea Isle City, NJ

Read more about our sailbox. It protects your investment in your boats sails, spars and all your sailing equipment. It also helps your boat hold their re-sale value, and you can always re-sell your catamaran sail box as well! 

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