Deluxe Catamaran Sail Box 

The Catamaran sail box will fit on your trailer to carry all your sports equipment. Our boxes are laid up with a high gloss gelcoat finish and built with layers of fiberglass in open molds. They are built to last and withstand the elements, they will not disfigure or deform over time as opposed to some cheaper to make plastic alternatives.

Our sail storage boxes are much stronger than the old Performance Cat boxes, they are built to last and look great on your trailer!

This sail box includes large slide top opening on one end and hinged opening at the other end.

The sliding top front lid provides access for quick, easy packing and removing of bulkier accessories and sailing gear. The hinged-angle rear door facilitates visibility and removal of longer catamaran sails, booms, and spinnaker poles.

A storage option for spinnaker poles is available, it includes a 3" PVC pipe ( your specified length) attached to the front of the box. 

Deluxe Sail Box - is 10 feet and 10 inches long by 37 inches wide x 14 inches high. This sail box is appropriate for a high performance spinnaker boats because most of you have two sets of sails, spare dagger-boards, spare rudders, spin poles, and extra parts for traveling to a race. This is simply the finest storage box that you could put on your trailer. 

Testimonial from customers:

"It was a pleasure working with Kenny Boudreaux, from my initial contact through construction and ultimate delivery of the product. Upon arrival in Long Beach, California, I found that his sailbox is indeed very well constructed." --- Kent Blasie, Long Beach, CA

Please call before to check for availibility. These boxes are made when ordered and has a 3 week production time. Pay by money order or cashiers check.

​Deluxe Sailbox $1745

Spin Pole extension $95

Any questions? Give Kenny a call at (504) 289 5645, or email

Our sailboxes ship already assembled. We fit and pre-drill the spin extension (if needed), but will not bolt it on due to the extra length.

Our sail boxes ship truck freight via R&L Carriers to anywhere in the continental United States. 
In addition to what you pay, you will have to pay the US shipping. You will have to pay R&L Carriers COD upon arrival. This additional cost will vary depending on where you live in the continental US and can average $350-$450.

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