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We build quality fiberglass
sailboxes and beach cat hull cradles
for cat traxs and trailers​​.

​​​​Here is our complete list of sailboxes, beach cat trailer and cat trax hull cradles, EVA and fiberglass hull chocks, toy box cover, and speed puck brackets.

Deluxe SailBox
Catamaran sail box
Sail storage box
Trailer storage box

Standard SailBox
Hobie 16 Catamaran sail box
Non Spin Boats
Trailer storage box

High Performance Cradle
High Performance Swivel Cradles
Nacra 15/17/18/20
C2, Falcon, Infusion F18, Capricorn F18
Viper, Blade F16
Bimarre HT 18 Jav.
Double rollers
Any planing hull
High Performance Cradle

Beach Stern Chocks
One size fits all boats
Hull Chocks
(fits the following)
Nacra Inter 17/18/20
Goodall C2, Falcon, Nacra Infusion, Nacra F18, Capricorn
Goodall Viper, Blade F16
Bimarre HT 18 Javelin

Hobie 16 Hull Cradles

Hobie Cat 16 hull cradle
PVC hull cradle

Hobie 18 Hull Cradles

Hobie Cat 18 hull cradle
PVC hull cradle

Universal Hull Cradles
Hobie Tiger hull cradle
Nacra 5.8 hull cradle
Nacra F17 hull cradle

Speed Puck
Spinnaker pole mounting for speed electronics
Velocitek mounting bracket

TickTack mounting bracket

Trailex Hull Cradles 
Trailex trailer beach cat hull cradles
2 3/8" cross beam cradle
Trailex cradles

Goodall Design Rear Mast Cradle
Molded fiberglass to the shape of the rear cross bar 

Toy Box Cover
Fiberglass replacement Toy Box Cover for Hobie and Aquaterra roto molded boxes.

Party Pirouge
Use to serve boiled crawfish, shrimp, or crabs with all the veggies.

Hobie Wave Mast Cradle
Eva foam cradles to protect your mast during transport.

Nacra Rear Mast Cradle
Molded fiberglass to the shape of the rear cross bar 

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